Plan and manage your documentation project: A technical writing guide with templates, instructor feedback, and more

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About Course

Instructor: Julia Hurley

Overview: In this course, the participant will learn effective project initiation, strategic planning and organization, stakeholder-centric tactics, and fundamental project management. Throughout the course, you will use industry-proven templates to produce a professional-quality documentation project plan – a valuable addition to your professional portfolio!

Instructor bio: Julia Hurley has 20 years of experience in technical writing, knowledge management, UX writing, front-end web development, and anxiety-reducing leadership. She has led technical documentation teams across higher ed, large corporate, and startup companies. She also taught a technical writing course, Creating User Documentation, at her alma mater, Virginia Tech. Julia holds a bachelor of arts degree in music performance, a minor in professional and technical writing, and a master of science degree in corporate and professional communication.


  • Duration: 5 modules, around two hours total; two to four hours of work on your course project
  • Delivery Method: Online asynchronous instructor-led sessions
  • Assessment: Assignments with personalized instructor feedback
  • Certification: Certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course
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Course Content

Learn about your instructor, Boffin Education, and what you can expect from us!

  • Course Introduction
  • Learning objectives
  • The Technical Writing Process (TWP)
  • What else to expect
  • Choose a documentation project to plan
  • What’s next
  • Describe your proposed documentation project
  • Describe your project’s purpose

Collect Information
Find out how technical writers and crows are alike, and how those qualities can supercharge your documentation project.

Analyze Your Audience
This topic focuses on audience analysis in technical writing. We introduce the concept of audience categorization, grouping audiences into primary, secondary, and hidden groups, as we highlight their distinct needs. The Five Ws and One H method is introduced as a systematic approach for in-depth audience understanding. We also discuss the development of personas, drawing on techniques in customer experience design. The lessons guide readers through the practical steps of audience analysis, which sets the stage for developing user-centered technical documentation.

Make a Plan
This topic guides you through the process of planning documentation projects using the PADRE method (Purpose, Audience, Design, Review) for effective project execution. It underscores the significance of planning in ensuring project success, particularly in Agile environments, and provides practical tools like checklists and templates. It emphasizes the need for proper planning to create a strong foundation for the success of your technical documentation projects.

Define your review team

Manage your progress


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