Praise for the Book

Praise for the First Edition

“Every aspiring author / tech writer in college should have this book.” Steve Ballard, Manager, Enterprise Content Solutions

“This is exactly the sort of guide I wish I had when I first started tech writing.” Sharon Witheriff, Technical Writer

“The Technical Writing Process is a practical toolkit that demystifies the art of technical writing with useful templates to help you succeed quickly and smartly.” Richard Kidd, General Manager

“Aspiring writers throughout the enterprise will find this to be a solid resource as they try to figure out how they should go about documenting something. It’s logically laid out, not too heavy on jargon, and uses good diagrams and illustrations.” Duane Green, Sr. Director of Content Strategy Solutions

“I think this pragmatic approach is excellent and fills a desperate need in the tech writing world. Many a point raised will have the older hands nodding sagely and the younger people remembering the advice when they first run into those issues.” Dr Charlotte Nash-Stewart, Engineer, Author, and Technical Writer

“This is a well-written, comprehensive and practical guide for technical writers. It is packed full of great information and is very easy to read. I particularly like the ‘Insights,’ ‘What does that mean?’ and ‘Tips’ callouts which appear throughout the book.” Sue Geercke, Director Technical Communications

Technical Writing Process explores the essential elements any technical writer should consider when tackling their next assignment. The book systematically guides the reader through an intuitive, yet effective, methodology that spans everything from Planning to Publishing.’ Shay Withnell, Product Marketing Manager

Technical Writing Process is the professionalisation of the technical writing discipline. It rightly considers the holistic context for a technical document and provides a comprehensive cookbook for getting it right within an organisation. The insights, examples and templates are perfect and pragmatic. The definitive standard in technical writing.” Rami Banna, Product Lead

“This book serves as a great reference to someone tasked with the technical writing aspect of a project. It would have saved me much heartache and a considerable amount of time if I had this information at the start of my project. Your templates at the end of the book would have been really useful to me at the time.” Keo Phetsaya, Technical Sales Manager

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