Project Management for Technical Writers

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Part 1: Process

  • Chapter 1: Tailor the Process. Guidelines on adapting the technical writing process to fit specific projects and organizational needs, with case studies for practical illustration.

Part 2: Methods

  • Chapter 2: Project Management Frameworks. An overview of commonly used project management frameworks such as Waterfall, Agile, and PMBOK, and their relation to technical writing projects.

Part 3: Plan

  • Chapter 3: Collect Information. Techniques and strategies for effective information collection, using frameworks like the DIKW Pyramid, and preparing for documentation projects.
  • Chapter 4: Make a Plan. Step-by-step guidance on planning documentation projects, emphasizing the importance of the PADRE method and Agile planning.
  • Chapter 5: Analyze Audience. Comprehensive approach to understanding and categorizing audiences in technical writing, using audience analysis methods and persona development.
  • Chapter 6: Define Review Team. Guidance on defining a review team early in the planning phase to ensure the accuracy and quality of technical documents.
  • Chapter 7: Estimate Scope, Time, and Cost. Techniques for accurately estimating the scope, time, and cost of technical writing projects, including the use of project management tools and estimation sheets.
  • Chapter 8: Develop Schedule. Detailed approach to creating effective project schedules in technical writing, covering tool selection, activity sequencing, and stakeholder communication.

Part 4: Manage

  • Chapter 9: Manage Progress. Comprehensive guide to using tools and methodologies for tracking and managing progress in technical documentation tasks.

Part 5: Measure

  • Chapter 10: Measure Success. Guidance on the role of metrics in evaluating the productivity, effectiveness, and quality of technical documentation and teams.
  • Chapter 11: Calculate Value. A structured approach to assigning monetary value to technical documentation, and strategies organizations use to value their documentation.





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