Technical Writing Templates

The templates in this book have been designed to help you implement your own Technical Writing Process. They’re available free to subscribers of this book. Use and adapt them as required to suit your project.

To access the templates:

  1. Subscribe to the Boffin Education website. Purchasers of the paperback or e-book version can use the coupon code located in this chapter for one year of free access to all content on the site, including the online version of this book.
  2. Download the templates in their original Microsoft Office format. They’ve been created in common Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project.

Here are several helpful tips for using the templates:

  • Text in [square brackets] is placeholder text for you to replace with your own version. Don’t leave the text in square brackets in your version.
  • Text in italics is instructions on using the templates. Don’t leave the instructions in your version.

The templates have been designed to be as easy to use as possible. However, they do assume a level of basic competence with the Microsoft Office program they were created in.

You may have to adjust the size of tables or spreadsheet columns to suit your requirements.

List of Templates

This section provides a brief overview of each template.

TemplateShort Description
Audience Persona TemplateTemplate for the creation of audience personas with visual avatars in technical documentation projects using the Five Ws method.
Briefing Checklist for Technical WritersChecklist to guide technical writers in initial discussions in the planning phase, ensuring all essential project aspects are covered.
ChatGPT Prompt Library for Technical WritersPractical prompts, tips, and instructions for using ChatGPT in technical writing tasks such as research, content planning, writing, editing, and formatting.
Checklist for Using Images in Technical DocumentationChecklist for incorporating images into technical documentation, ensuring effective use of screenshots, diagrams, and photographs.
Documentation Microplan TemplateStreamlined planning tool for technical writers, focusing on essential elements for quick and effective documentation planning.
Documentation Microplan Template for Agile ProjectsDocumentation microplan template for Agile environments, facilitating quick and efficient documentation planning in fast-paced software development projects.
Documentation Plan TemplateTemplate for planning technical documentation projects, encompassing all elements from purpose and audience to deliverables, review team definition, timelines, risk management, and more.
Documentation Project Estimating Sheet TemplateTemplate for technical writers to estimate scope, time, and cost of documentation projects. An important precursor to developing a schedule.
Documentation Project Timeline TemplateVisual tool designed to present the key phases and milestones of a technical documentation project, providing a high-level overview without revealing intricate details.
Editing Checklist TemplateChecklist guiding technical writers through the rigorous editing process of documents. It ensures a consistent and thorough review at each level of editing, from structural edits to proofreading.
Editing Sheet TemplateTemplate for maintaining consistency in style and terminology across technical documents during the editing process.
Resource Checklist for Technical Document CreationChecklist for sourcing the necessary information prior to commencing a documentation project.
Review Log TemplateTemplate for tracking and organizing feedback received during document review. Categorizes comments from multiple reviewers, helping writers maintain a clear record of changes.
Simplified Technical Writing Process ChecklistStreamlined checklist for managing the progress of documents or topics through the Technical Writing Process. Ideal for keeping track of writing projects.
Status Tracker TemplateExcel spreadsheet for monitoring the progress of writing tasks, aiding writers in effectively managing various stages of documentation projects.
Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interview TemplateTemplate for conducting interviews with SMEs. Essential for technical writers in gathering accurate information.
Subject Matter Expert (SME) Workshop TemplateTemplate for facilitating productive workshops with multiple SMEs. It includes scheduling tips, agenda setting, and engagement strategies.
Technical Document TemplateTemplate for creating uniform and professional technical documents, incorporating key elements such as predefined headings and placeholders for document control.
Technical Writing Process ChecklistStreamlined checklist for managing the progress of documents or topics through the Technical Writing Process. Ideal for keeping track of writing projects.
Technical Writing Process TemplateStructured guide outlining the core phases and activities for creating technical documentation.
Template Design ChecklistChecklist for creating effective and consistent document templates, ensuring alignment with organizational branding and standards.
Translation Best Practices Checklist for Text and GraphicsChecklist for translating technical documents, including writing and image preparation requirements, for a streamlined and cost-effective process.
Visual Design Principles Checklist for Technical WritersChecklist for technical writers to apply visual design principles, ensuring their documents are both visually appealing and functionally effective.
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